The Advantage of Using PHP and MySQL

One of the first decisions to make when planning a new web site is that if it needs to be static or dynamic. Static web sites show the same content to every visitor. In fact there can be more than one page on the site, but the content is fixed. On dynamic web sites the content material can change. Guests can interact with it. For example it might be potential for them to leave a remark for other guests to see. Typically a dynamic web site provides a lot more possibilities. But in the event you only need to give a brief presentation of your self or a company, the static answer is perhaps the answer. Nevertheless in most different cases the dynamic web web page is the best way to go.

Static pages consists of HTML files generated locally on your PC and then uploaded to the web server. This can be executed in dedicated programs like Adope Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web or Coffeecup HTML Editor. If a change is to be made the files are changed on the PC after which uploaded to the server again.

To create dynamic web pages it’s essential to use a script. That means the web server reads and “interprets” the file instead of just sending it as it is to the web browser. PHP is a commonly used script language. Almost all web hosting offers have it even in the entry level packages.

Example of PHP:


Echo “Hi there world!”;


The above example shows the text Whats up world! PHP and HTML can simply be blended in a single file. Begin and end tags shows the server what’s PHP and HTML. In the same means as HTML files PHP files may be created in any editor that may save files as plain text. The instance don’t really show the real power of PHP. What makes it well suited for dynamic web pages is the ability to connect with a database. This provides the likelihood to store and obtain information. This can be utilized for a wide variety of info such as person names, remark, article texts and so on. This also means you may add data to your web page from any computer with Internet access.

A popular database is MySQL. Both PHP and MySQL are Open Source software and there and lots of assets for help available.

But even in the event you don’t need to discover ways to program PHP and SQL, it’s nonetheless possible to reap the advantages of this strong combination. There are various projects that develop scripts you need to use without spending a dime by yourself web page. WordPress is a blogging software. As soon as it’s arrange and running it is extremely simple to add new posts to your page. Another answer is to get a CMS (Content Administration System) like Joomla. The script files comes with instructions on find out how to set up them, so it can be completed with a minimum of information of PHP. Some web hosts has even made it more easy. They provide an set up script, the place you only have to provide a number of lines of knowledge, the system takes care of the rest. You may as well get different solutions like Boards or bulletin boards programmed in PHP and ready to run.

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